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CRM Solutions & Loyalty Programs

Turn your customers to lifetime supporters of your brand.

Industry-Acclaimed CRM Solutions, Loyalty Programs, and Rewards Management Service Company in the Philippines

Keep your customers engaged and happy with our loyalty programs such as loyalty cards, loyalty award, custom mobile and reward points app.

Through our rewards system you can easily manage both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards with ease to enable a more strategic reward system.

Capture the digital space, traffic, and opportunity with our unique Social CRM, PPC, SEO, SEM, and other digitized marketing funnels.

Align your brand needs to the market with our industry-specific data communication process for tailored business communication planning.

Bring proof and validation in every campaign with the power of both traditional and digitized CRM programs services.

Maintain, secure, and organize your  business database systems and gain meaningful insights via trends and active data.

Loyalty Programs

Discover what makes customers loyal to brands and develop various programs designed to ensure that your business is the first and natural choice in your niche. 

✓ Customer Relationship Programs

Manage and analyze customer interactions and data through the customer journey map.

✓ Trade Relationship Programs

Improve the share and profitability of the business through reward points systems, MGM schemes, and more.

✓ Employee Relationship Programs

Decrease attrition rates and improve employee satisfaction by creating loyalty strategies that encourage retention.

✓ Loyalty Mobile App

Establish digitized customer loyalty programs with barcode loyalty cards, points card app, and your own mobile app.

Rewards and Merchants Partnerships

Formulate and implement strategies that will consistently reward people to increase customer retention rate, employee satisfaction and your business as an institution.

✓ Rewards Fulfillment

Decrease attrition rates and improve employee satisfaction by creating loyalty strategies that encourage retention.

✓ Merchant Acquisition

Establish digitized customer loyalty programs with barcode loyalty cards, points card app, and your own mobile app.

✓ Rewards Sourcing

Improve the share and profitability of the business through reward points systems, MGM schemes, and more.

✓ Alliance/ Partner management

Manage and analyze customer interactions and data through strategic reward system and rewards programs solution.

Digital Marketing

Capture the online advertising and marketing space through various Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) such as Social CRM, SEO, SEM, PPC, and social media ads.

✓ Social Media CRM

Reach the right target audience you have on different social media platforms to digitized your marketing efforts today.

✓ Search Engine Optimization

Become visible and well-known in the online marketing sphere through our best website marketing processes and practice.

✓ SEM, PPC, and Social Ads

Engage, reach, and impress your target demographics through our ROI-focused online marketing promotions.

✓ Online Reputation Management

Influence what the market thinks about your brand through various digital marketing strategy and boost your credibility online.

Data Analytics

Make meaningful and data-driven business initiatives through our proven methods of data analysis to synchronise your business based in real time.

✓ Online Data Access

Analyze streams of online data and convert it to both quantitative and qualitative measurements to boost your business.

✓ Customer/ Data Insighting

Manage the interactions of your consumers to your business using big data business intelligence to reveal the potential of your existing or targeted customer base.

✓ Performance Reporting

Confidently see results generated based on live and current data with our team of data analysts.

✓ Customer Segmentation/ PRofiling

Divide your customer base into specific groups to achieve specific campaigns.

Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)

Measure and enhance your brand alignment in the market by listening to your customers and providing a solution-based response.

✓ Call Center Setup (BPO) & Management

Take your CRM to the next level with our tailored call center services perfect for any brand who is open to listen.

✓ Campaign Management Systems

Send automated email, sms, calls to specific segments based on profiles and buying patterns to trigger desired behaviors real-time and at the right time.

✓ Letter shopping

Enjoy direct-mail marketing from conceptualization, logistics, to fulfillment and increase your customer engagement, response, and brand loyalty.

✓ SMS Blast, EDM, and Response Tracking

Reach your consumers via direct sms message and email direct mail (EDM) marketing, and verify the performance of your strategic corporate communications and market initiatives in real-time.

IT Solutions

Enhance the quantitative coherence of your business with database acquisition, management, processing, warehousing, and tracking

✓ Loyalty and Digital Platforms in Web

Use the power of  various digital platforms or create your proprietary dbms system for tracking loyalty data with our team of developers and programmers.

✓ Data Warehousing

Improve the core competencies and quality of your business intelligence with our DW/ DWH or EDW systems.

✓ POS, Loyalty Mobile Apps, and EDM Solutions

Create, manage, track, and scale your loyalty rewards program (CRM) through various IT channels and systems such as POS, Mobile Apps, and EDMs.

✓ Data Entry

Keep your data up-to-date with our data entry specialists and ensure that your database is leveled with the operations.

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