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Avanza Joins WWF in Annual Partners’ Night

Avanza Joins WWF in Annual Partners’ Night

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WWF-Philippines holds Partners’ Night each year to recognize the invaluable support of its corporate allies, individual donors, and public sector partners. Conservation successes and milestones in WWF project sites around the country would not have been possible without these fellow environmental advocates.

Partners’ Night 2015 was held on November 3, Tuesday, at the Raffles & Fairmont Ballroom in Makati City. Environmental Leadership Awards were given to partners WWF-Philippines engaged with for 2015. Other highlights in this year’s program include a Turnover of Leadership from WWF-Philippines Board Chairman Vincent Perez to incoming chair Aurelio Montinola III, one of the organization’s Board Trustees. Mr. Perez also paid tribute to outgoing National Advisory Council Chairman Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala.

A special highlight of the night was the recognition of three new Heroes of the Environment – Ingemar Macarine, a Bohol-based lawyer and triathlete who makes use of his attention-grabbing passion for solo channel swimming to raise awareness about marine conservation; the Tawbuid Mangyan Tribe, the guardians of the Tamaraw, the world’s rarest buffalo species; and Gerlie Menchie Alpajora, a sustainable fisheries advocate who was gunned down in July because of her work fighting illegal fishing in her community in Camarines Sur.

Partners’ Night was hosted by WWF-Philippines National Ambassadors Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez. Forest Protection Steward Piolo Pascual also serenaded the guests with a lovely rendition of the classic song “What A Wonderful World.” WWF-Philippines would like to thank Raffles & Fairmont Makati, Coca-cola, and Bacchus International for their generous contribution to Partners’ Night.

See more photos from the event on WWF-Philippines’s official Facebook account.

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