Make Micro-Moments Matter

RE: Micro-Moments

RE: Micro-Moments

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, micro-moments can happen anytime and anywhere. During those moments, people expect brands to attend their needs with real-time significance. According to Google “Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device—increasingly a smartphone—to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped.” In their study on micro-moments, Google found out that consumers evaluate purchase in-the-moment. They also learned that 91% look up information on their smartphones while in the middle of a task and that 82% of smartphone users turn to their device to guide a purchase decision in a brick and mortar store according to the study. Today’s battles for hearts, minds and pesos are won or lost in micro-moments but enterprises are not connected to the latest channels.

To tap into the micro-moments of consumers, Passkit connects infrastructure CRM systems, loyalty management software, POS systems, and locations to the latest consumer facing mobile platforms. Passkit’s proven enterprise-grade infrastructure enables businesses to instantly and continuously leverage all of the latest customer engagement technologies – making every micro-moments of the customer journey matter. PassKit provides a comprehensive suite of products and services for establishing, configuring, optimising, and safeguarding the latest customer engagement technologies.



Passkit technology is now available in the Philippines through Avanza Inc. Contact us to integrate the latest customer engagement technologies into your business today.

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