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One of the main features of a successful business is that it’s founded on customer-centric fundamentals.

This birthed concepts such as the “customer being always right.” But, what made such idea foolproof and applicable to many industries is the fact that a correctly executed CRM is possible and available for anyone.

What is CRM and How It Can Transform a Business

One of the biggest downfalls of present-day firms is the failure to know, anticipate, and manage customer expectations and behaviors.

Instead of creating a CRM system that can ensure survival, many bank on the idea that if the product is good, then customers will naturally come through the door.

But, as a matter-of-factly it is easy to create a product that works and that is beneficial to people.

The hard and costly part is when the acquisition stage comes in and the hardest and costliest being when the hype is gone and what remains is only a good product that no one supports.

CRM Technology and On-Demand Systems

At Avanza, Inc., we do more than just get businesses to a specific stage in the Customer Journey Map. On top of providing proven CRM frameworks, we’re also hands-on in the process of ensuring that customers stay loyal because there’s a reason to be.

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Avanza, Inc. CRM program services

Call Center Setup & Management

Improve your CRM with our easy to set-up Call Center Services so you’re equipped with right tools and facilities to listen to your end-users and improve customer relationship.

Campaign Management Systems

Automatically send calls, emails and SMS to various components of a marketing campaign based on profiles and buying patterns in real time, done at the right time.

Letter Shopping

Direct email-marketing services from conceptualization to delivery, which helps improve customer engagements, survey response tracking, and promote brand loyalty.

SMS Blast and Response Tracking

Engage with your customers with direct SMS and email marketing and verify your campaign’s performance. Streamline campaign results and monitor the performance of your loyalty programs every step of the way.

Why Build CRM With Us?

Because we’ve been successfully planning and executing CRM programs for over 20 years.

And you don’t thrive in the business if you’re not particularly great at CRM.

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