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We Turn Big Data to Actionable and Scalable Objectives to Propel Businesses. Further.

Data Analytics That


Any sizeable enough business has underlying Big Data waiting to be discovered and turned into industry-shifting intelligence.

However, due to the multitude of modern data analytics options, it’s just as equally confusing to find correct and value-adding solutions.

Aside from identifying factors that affects the business, linear data visualization, informed business intelligence, and framework creation are also critical considerations.

Big Data to Actionable Business Insights

Due to the continuous release of ready-to-use Big Data analytics software, it’s become easier for owners to see topical data sets and trends in their organization. Common findings include:

  • Customer behavior
  • Market demand
  • Audit and accounting
  • Risk and compliance
  • Recency and Frequency
  • Historical versus real-time

Despite all these, however, findings do not necessarily measure up to the expectations and requirements needed to create sustainable solutions. This is because

Qualitative data analysis and not just Predictive data analysis is key to bringing out actionable business insights.

Data Analysis Plus CRM

For this reason, Avanza, Inc. does more than just discover, analyze, and present Big Data elements. We ensure that findings result in scalable objectives to propel businesses to new heights and further the tactical expansion of assets.

Given our wealth of experience of over 20 years in providing CRM and Loyalty Solutions, it goes without saying that Avanza, Inc. has both the credibility and innate ability to transform Big Data to Big Ideas and Big Results.

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Avanza, Inc. Loyalty program services

Online Data Access

Analyze, define, organize, and transform your online database to meaningful business intelligence and insights to boost performance.

Performance Reporting

Accurately view results generated based on both historical and current data trends with our team of global data analysts.

Customer and Data Insighting

Derive top-level and qualitative data inference that will certainly improve your business through the full maximization of your Big Data.

Customer Segmentation/ Profiling

Identify, control, and forecast various customer segments and profile to achieve specific campaigns.

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