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We Provide, Customize, and Design Practical IT Solutions For Loyalty Programs and CRM Systems.

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While a digitized world has its pros, it also has its own unique set of drawbacks.

For one, while there is a strong support in the cloud storage technology and other related breakthroughs in Information Technology, the question of data security and integrity remains.

While some niche require less sensitivities in handling data, it’s undeniable that powerhouse industries such as pharmaceuticals and banks would always require more.

DBMS Solution, Mobile Loyalty App Development, and More

Starting up as CRM-based and IT company, Avanza, Inc. has experienced all the trends and downfalls in providing IT solution and related Digital Marketing services for over 20 years. But, among the many complexities and elements that come into play the most critical part is to ensure that confidentiality and data integrity is mutually expressed.

For this reason, we have cultivated, evolved, and further allotted our expertise into developing flexible and independent programs. Among our array of CRM-related products, the most notable ones include:

  • Customizable Website Dashboard for Loyalty Programs
  • Loyalty Mobile App Platform Counterpart (iOS and Android)
  • Accounting and Management SaaS

IT Solutions Service at Its Finest

At Avanza, Inc., we make sure to provide unmatched IT Solution services to help with our clients’ Loyalty and CRM Programs. We develop tailor-fitted solutions that will confidently propel businesses to greater heights and expansion.

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Avanza, Inc. IT Solutions and services

Digital Platforms in the Web

Utilize our web-based and mobile-based digital platforms or create your own proprietary systems with the expertise of our IT Department in DBMS, mobile app development, data storage and security.

POS & Mobile App Solutions

Start and manage your loyalty rewards program through various IT Channels like our POS integration, mobile apps, and more. Track and scale your progress all in one system.

Data Warehousing

Improve and expand your business intelligence data to help develop your organization and market capitalization further. We also offer competitive and long-term IT solutions through our DW/DWH or EDW Systems.

Data Entry

Make sure that your data is up to date with our data entry specialists that promise real time delivery and real-time data results, tabulation, and organization.

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