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Loyalty Program Services

We Build Branding Loyalty That Retains, Nurtures, and Establishes Distinction.

Loyalty Programs That


One of the trademarks of every successful business is having a brand that inspires emotional affinity with its customers. Unfortunately, most start-ups and even long existing brands struggle to establish loyalty programs that produce the desired results.

As a result, many invest in the prevalent, viral, and sensationalized marketing initiatives that can only be described as a one-off event, without ever truly distinguishing noise from opportunities. For this reason, identifying what client retention programs work for a certain business niche is key to success.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services

As the premiere authority in loyalty programs and CRM solutions in the Philippines, Avanza Inc. has inspired loyalty for over 20 years by developing solutions for customer loyalty, acquisition, engagement, and overall customer journey management.

Our loyalty program services include:

  • Loyalty Cards
  • Reward Cards
  • Customized Loyalty System Programs
  • Social Points System Integration; and
  • Member-Get-Member Programs (MGM)
  • Points-Based Loyalty Points via Mobile App or Website

Customer Loyalty-First Approach

How a certain target market reacts to a product or service is indeed a valuable insight, but it’s useless if the consumers do not patronize the brand.

This is why at Avanza, Inc., we tailor our loyalty programs for the ultimate goal of turning customers to loyal advocates. Contact us for a free consultation today!


Avanza, Inc. Loyalty program services

Customer Relationship Programs

Inspire client retention and loyalty with the help of rewards programs, EDM, SMS blast, digital and social CRM, MGM schemes, points system, loyalty apps, and more!

Employee Relationship Programs

Lessen the occurrence of high employee attrition rate, inspire employee buy-in and ownership of business, motivate human capital appreciation of internal assets, and discover meaningful insights on what makes people stay, through our incentivized loyalty-based program initiatives.

Trade Relationship Programs

Improve the buying and selling functions of different products and services through rewards points system, MGM schemes, custom-fitted CRM programs, with the aim of keeping trade partners engaged.

Loyalty Mobile Apps

Take advantage of the ease-of-use and real-time benefits of tracking, enabling, and measuring loyalty reward responses of consumers through our mobile loyalty app.

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