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How Can Loyalty Programs Add Value to my Business?

Building a relationship with customers in the form of a loyalty program that reward them for transactions is a surefire way to keep their business with the brand.

Consider the Amazon Prime for example. The service offers free two-day shipping on any product purchased at any amount, among other benefits, for an annual fee of $99. Experts project that Amazon loses $1-2 billion annually to keep Prime moving. However, the frequent transactions of Prime members more than make up for it. Amazon Prime members spend an average of $1500 annually compared to $625 of non-Prime members.

Other than ensuring the continued patronage of customers, loyalty programs also allow for the collection of consumer intelligence, including buying behaviors and trends. This kind of data is invaluable in determining the type of products and promotions that sell best with consumers, allowing companies to tailor-fit their offerings to specific needs of their clients, which makes that relationship even stronger.

Of note here is that this kind of relationship-building actually extends beyond end-consumers. Loyalty rewards also apply to trade partners and even employees to ensure their continued support in progressing the business.

And while scratch cards remain a useful tool for the deployment of loyalty programs, they have become impractical as people tend to lose them.

In their place are loyalty mobile apps that put tracking of points and redemption of benefits right on to consumers' smartphones. Apps also allow for fast turnover of offers, giving companies the flexibility to offer new and exciting perks at any given time.

In any case, the demands of the digital age challenge companies to shape up and keep up. The added value of a relationship that an enterprise builds with its customers, employees, and partners through loyalty mobile apps sends the message that a brand remains relevant.

Avanza, Inc. Loyalty program services


Manage and analyze customer interactions and data through the customer journey map.


Improve the share and profitability of the business through reward points systems, MGM schemes, and more.


Decrease attrition rates and improve employee satisfaction by creating loyalty strategies that encourage retention.


Establish digitised customer loyalty programs with barcode loyalty cards, points card app, and your own mobile app.

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