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Rewards and Merchants Partnership Services

We Acquire Merchants, Connect Businesses, and Fulfill Rewards That Customers Appreciate.

Reward Programs That


When it comes to building customer loyalty, volume is only second to a dedicated customer base.

For this reason, creating manageable loyalty program systems that lead to specific rewards is crucial to fulfilling the next step in the Customer Journey: Customer Retention.

Reward System Tailored for Success

With the influx of niche-heavy market today, high attrition rate has become the norm. This is partly due to the lack of innovations in managing customer expectations and a reward system that should quantify results.

In retrospect, despite the existing allotment for extrinsic and intrinsic rewards, there is rarely a reward program solution that can track customer behavior and positive reinforcements.

As the premiere authority in Rewards Management and Fulfillment, Avanza Inc. provides top-notch rewards system strategies backed and supported by hundreds of our merchants partners. We help businesses devise loyalty programs with readily available rewards for both loyal customers and employees.

Strategic Reward System Built for Customers

Trends, hype, and ad campaigns all expire in the end, but interested and satisfied people will remain to support a brand built for them.

With our expertise, we make sure that our clients have all the right facilities and capabilities to reward deserving employees and customers. Through our rewards system and merchant portfolio of over 20 years, it’s made easy and manageable to strengthen and further establish any business profile.

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Avanza, Inc. Reward Program Services

Rewards Sourcing

Establish proactive and a solid network of merchants ready to fulfill and increase your business’ profitability and potential through rewards points, points accumulation systems convertible to gift checks, physical items, and more.

Alliance/ Partner Management

Oversee and break down client interactions with strategic reward systems, MGM systems and rewards programs arrangements.

Rewards Fulfillment

Deliver your rewards with efficiency by assuring your people with what they’re getting, and when they’re getting it. Increase customer and employee retention and improve the overall scheme of your business with our loyalty and reward strategies.

Merchant Acquisition

Choose from our portfolio of Merchant Partners that we cultivated for over 20 years to easily setup, manage, and execute your loyalty and CRM programs.

Why Build Your Reward Programs With Us?

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